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Guns N' Roses - 1987 - Appetite For Destruction (Super Deluxe Edition, 2018)
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icon Disc 01/01 Welcome To The Jungle.mp310.7 MB
icon Disc 01/02 It's So Easy.mp38 MB
icon Disc 01/03 Nightrain.mp310.5 MB
icon Disc 01/04 Out Ta Get Me.mp310.3 MB
icon Disc 01/05 Mr. Brownstone.mp39 MB
icon Disc 01/06 Paradise City.mp315.7 MB
icon Disc 01/07 My Michelle.mp38.6 MB
icon Disc 01/08 Think About You.mp39.1 MB
icon Disc 01/09 Sweet Child O' Mine.mp313.8 MB
icon Disc 01/10 You're Crazy.mp37.8 MB
icon Disc 01/11 Anything Goes.mp38.1 MB
icon Disc 01/12 Rocket Queen.mp314.5 MB
icon Disc 02/01 Reckless Life (Live).mp37.9 MB
icon Disc 02/02 Nice Boys (Live).mp37.2 MB
icon Disc 02/03 Move To The City (Live).mp38.4 MB
icon Disc 02/04 Mama Kin (Live - Edit).mp38.7 MB
icon Disc 02/05 Shadow Of Your Love (Live).mp37.3 MB
icon Disc 02/06 You're Crazy (Acoustic Version).mp310.4 MB
icon Disc 02/07 Patience.mp313.8 MB
icon Disc 02/08 Used To Love Her.mp37.6 MB
icon Disc 02/09 You're Crazy.mp39.8 MB
icon Disc 02/10 It's So Easy (Live At The Marquee Club London - 1987).mp39.2 MB
icon Disc 02/11 Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Live At The Marquee Club London - 1987).mp311.7 MB
icon Disc 02/12 Whole Lotta Rosie (Live At The Marquee Club London - 1987).mp39.6 MB
icon Disc 03/01 Welcome To The Jungle (1986 Sound City Session).mp311.7 MB
icon Disc 03/02 Nightrain (1986 Sound City Session).mp311.3 MB
icon Disc 03/03 Out Ta Get Me (1986 Sound City Session).mp39.4 MB
icon Disc 03/04 Paradise City (1986 Sound City Session).mp313 MB
icon Disc 03/05 My Michelle (1986 Sound City Session).mp310.2 MB
icon Disc 03/06 Think About You (1986 Sound City Session).mp39 MB
icon Disc 03/07 You're Crazy (1986 Sound City Session).mp37.9 MB
icon Disc 03/08 Anything Goes (1986 Sound City Session).mp310.7 MB
icon Disc 03/09 Rocket Queen (1986 Sound City Session).mp314.2 MB
icon Disc 03/10 Shadow Of Your Love (1986 Sound City Session).mp36.3 MB
icon Disc 03/11 Heartbreak Hotel (1986 Sound City Session).mp310.8 MB
icon Disc 03/12 Jumpin' Jack Flash (1986 Sound City Session).mp37.9 MB
icon Disc 04/01 Shadow Of Your Love.mp37.3 MB
icon Disc 04/02 Move To The City (1986 Sound City Session).mp37.7 MB
icon Disc 04/03 Ain't Goin' Down No More (Instrumental Version 1986 Sound City Session).mp38.3 MB
icon Disc 04/04 The Plague (1986 Sound City Session).mp32.3 MB
icon Disc 04/05 Nice Boys (1986 Sound City Session).mp37 MB
icon Disc 04/06 Back Off Bitch (1986 Sound City Session).mp310.9 MB
icon Disc 04/07 Reckless Life (1986 Sound City Session).mp36.6 MB
icon Disc 04/08 Mama Kin (1986 Sound City Session).mp38.1 MB
icon Disc 04/09 New Work Tune (1986 Sound City Session).mp38.1 MB
icon Disc 04/10 November Rain (Piano Version - 1986 Sound City Session).mp323.8 MB
icon Disc 04/11 Move To The City (Acoustic Version - 1986 Sound City Session).mp38.7 MB
icon Disc 04/12 You're Crazy (Acoustic Version - 1986 Sound City Session).mp39.6 MB
icon Disc 04/13 November Rain (Acoustic Version - 1986 Sound City Session).mp311.7 MB
icon Disc 04/14 Jumpin' Jack Flash (Acoustic Version - 1986 Sound City Session).mp39.1 MB
icon Disc 04/15 Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version).mp38.1 MB