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BTPRT Trance Pack (13-06-2018) [EDM RG]
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icon Asioto - Destination Home/1. Asioto - Destination Home (Original Mix).mp318.1 MB
icon Asioto - Destination Home/2. Asioto - Destination Home (Ciree Remix).mp316.5 MB
icon Asioto - Destination Home/3. Asioto - Destination Home (DenBray Remix).mp313.3 MB
icon Asioto - Destination Home/4. Asioto - Destination Home (Desaicrator Remix).mp315 MB
icon Asioto - Destination Home/5. Asioto - Destination Home (Tom Bro Remix).mp315.9 MB
icon Asioto - Destination Home/6. Asioto - Destination Home (Willscape Remix).mp319.8 MB
icon Dmitry Belokrinitsky - Triva/1. Dmitry Belokrinitsky - Triva (Original Mix).mp316 MB
icon Dmitry Belokrinitsky - Triva/2. Dmitry Belokrinitsky - Triva (DreamLife Remix).mp318.5 MB
icon Dmitry Belokrinitsky - Triva/3. Dmitry Belokrinitsky - Triva (DreamLife Intro Mix).mp313.4 MB
icon Dmitry Belokrinitsky - Triva/cover.jpg86.6 KB
icon Ed Lynam & Costa Pantazis - Under His Eye/1. Ed Lynam & Costa Pantazis - Under His Eye (Original Mix).mp314.7 MB
icon Ed Lynam & Costa Pantazis - Under His Eye/2. Ed Lynam & Costa Pantazis - Under His Eye (Instrumental Mix).mp314.7 MB
icon Ed Lynam & Costa Pantazis - Under His Eye/cover.jpg44.3 KB
icon Hit The Bass - Oberon/01. Hit The Bass - Oberon (Original Mix).mp311.5 MB
icon Hit The Bass - Oberon/02. Hit The Bass - Oberon (Milad E Remix).mp314.9 MB
icon Hit The Bass - Oberon/cover.jpg43.6 KB
icon Husman - Rise Of The Mad King (Chapter 2 - Human)/01 Human.mp38.1 MB
icon Husman - Rise Of The Mad King (Chapter 2 - Human)/02 Resistance.mp36.2 MB
icon Husman - Rise Of The Mad King (Chapter 2 - Human)/03 Who We Are.mp38.6 MB
icon Husman - Rise Of The Mad King (Chapter 2 - Human)/04 Human (Extended Mix).mp311 MB
icon Husman - Rise Of The Mad King (Chapter 2 - Human)/05 Resistance (Extended Mix).mp39.7 MB
icon Husman - Rise Of The Mad King (Chapter 2 - Human)/06 Who We Are (Original Mix).mp313.3 MB
icon Husman - Rise Of The Mad King (Chapter 2 - Human)/cover.jpg186.7 KB
icon Liam_Bajic_-_Avalon-(45R18089)-WEB-2018-ZzZz/00-liam_bajic_-_avalon-(45r18089)-web-2018-pic-zzzz.jpg497.2 KB
icon Liam_Bajic_-_Avalon-(45R18089)-WEB-2018-ZzZz/00-liam_bajic_-_avalon-(45r18089)-web-2018-zzzz.m3u64 B
icon Liam_Bajic_-_Avalon-(45R18089)-WEB-2018-ZzZz/00-liam_bajic_-_avalon-(45r18089)-web-2018-zzzz.nfo8.1 KB
icon Liam_Bajic_-_Avalon-(45R18089)-WEB-2018-ZzZz/00-liam_bajic_-_avalon-(45r18089)-web-2018-zzzz.sfv84 B
icon Liam_Bajic_-_Avalon-(45R18089)-WEB-2018-ZzZz/01-liam_bajic_-_avalon-zzzz.mp313.2 MB
icon Liam_Bajic_-_Avalon-(45R18089)-WEB-2018-ZzZz/02-liam_bajic_-_sakura-zzzz.mp314.6 MB
icon Libranine - Leaflet/Cover.jpg51.7 KB
icon Libranine - Leaflet/Libranine - Leaflet (Extended Mix).mp313 MB
icon Libranine - Leaflet/Libranine - Leaflet (Milad E & Mehdi Milani Extended Remix).mp312.1 MB
icon Libranine - Leaflet/Libranine - Leaflet (Ron with Leeds Extended Remix).mp314 MB
icon Luca De Maas - Vision/1. Luca De Maas - Vision (Original Mix).mp315.8 MB
icon Luca De Maas - Vision/2. Luca De Maas - Vision (The Pulsarix Remix).mp319.8 MB
icon Luca De Maas - Vision/cover.jpg394.5 KB
icon Marcus Gauntlett - I'm Free/1. Marcus Gauntlett - I'm Free (Original Mix).mp314.2 MB
icon Marcus Gauntlett - I'm Free/2. Marcus Gauntlett - I'm Free (Alan Cuevas Remix).mp317.8 MB
icon Marcus Gauntlett - I'm Free/cover.jpg35.7 KB
icon Mark_Digital-Islands-WEB-2018-AFO/00-mark_digital-islands-web-2018-afo.m3u128 B
icon Mark_Digital-Islands-WEB-2018-AFO/00-mark_digital-islands-web-2018-afo.nfo8.5 KB
icon Mark_Digital-Islands-WEB-2018-AFO/00-mark_digital-islands-web-2018-afo.sfv168 B
icon Mark_Digital-Islands-WEB-2018-AFO/01-mark_digital-island-afo.mp313.9 MB
icon Mark_Digital-Islands-WEB-2018-AFO/02-mark_digital-land_of_time-afo.mp314.3 MB
icon Mark_Digital-Islands-WEB-2018-AFO/03-mark_digital-meme-afo.mp312.8 MB
icon Mark_Digital-Islands-WEB-2018-AFO/04-mark_digital-cozmos-afo.mp315.5 MB
icon Miyos - Umihebi/1. Miyos - Iguana Has Eyes (Original Mix).mp316.1 MB
icon Miyos - Umihebi/2. Miyos - Iguana Has Eyes (Radio Mix).mp38.8 MB
icon Miyos - Umihebi/3. Miyos - Umihebi (Original Mix).mp315.6 MB
icon Miyos - Umihebi/4. Miyos - Umihebi (Radio Mix).mp38.8 MB
icon myni8hte - A Day in the Life/1. Lepo & myni8hte - New Dawn (Original Mix).mp314.5 MB
icon myni8hte - A Day in the Life/2. Sunwave & myni8hte - Jurmala Sunset (Original Mix).mp313.7 MB
icon myni8hte - A Day in the Life/3. myni8hte & Asioto - Faulting Stars (Original Mix).mp317.9 MB
icon Overtone - Rainbow World/1. Overtone - Rainbow World.mp313.3 MB
icon Overtone - Rainbow World/2. Overtone - Rainbow World (Z8phyR Funky Remix).mp314.5 MB
icon Overtone - Rainbow World/3. Overtone - Rainbow World (ZGOOT Remix).mp313.9 MB
icon Rod_Veldt-Time-WEB-2018-AFO/00_rod_veldt-time-web-2018-afo.m3u69 B
icon Rod_Veldt-Time-WEB-2018-AFO/00_rod_veldt-time-web-2018-afo.nfo8.4 KB
icon Rod_Veldt-Time-WEB-2018-AFO/00_rod_veldt-time-web-2018-afo.sfv89 B
icon Rod_Veldt-Time-WEB-2018-AFO/01_rod_veldt-time-afo.mp315.6 MB
icon Rod_Veldt-Time-WEB-2018-AFO/02_rod_veldt-time_(ametrine_remix)-afo.mp319.9 MB
icon Roy Aizawa - Lightning/1. Roy Aizawa - Lightning (Original Mix).mp38.4 MB
icon Roy Aizawa - Lightning/2. Roy Aizawa - Lightning (Extended Mix).mp315.3 MB
icon Roy Aizawa - Lightning/3. Roy Aizawa - Lightning (Clean Tears Remix).mp38.6 MB
icon Roy Aizawa - Lightning/4. Roy Aizawa - Lightning (Clean Tears Extended Remix).mp316.5 MB
icon Roy Aizawa - Lightning/5. Roy Aizawa - Lightning (DJ Vodka Remix).mp38.5 MB
icon Roy Aizawa - Lightning/6. Roy Aizawa - Lightning (DJ Vodka Extended Remix).mp315.3 MB
icon Roy Aizawa - Lightning/7. Roy Aizawa - Lightning ([email protected] Remix).mp37.4 MB
icon Roy Aizawa - Lightning/8. Roy Aizawa - Lightning ([email protected] Extended Remix).mp39.4 MB
icon Rysto - Polaris Dinoysus/1. Rysto - Polaris (Original Mix).mp314.6 MB
icon Rysto - Polaris Dinoysus/2. Rysto - Dinoysus (Original Mix).mp315.7 MB
icon Rysto - Polaris Dinoysus/cover.jpg38 KB
icon SourCream - Fair Wind/01. SourCream - Fair Wind (Original Mix).mp312.4 MB
icon SourCream - Fair Wind/02. SourCream - Fair Wind (Legacy Mix).mp314.3 MB
icon SourCream - Fair Wind/03. SourCream - Fair Wind (Vadim Bonkrashkov Remix).mp314.4 MB
icon SourCream - Fair Wind/cover.jpg26.7 KB
icon Sunset_Moments-Nothing_Lasts_Forever-WEB-2018-AFO/00-sunset_moments-nothing_lasts_forever-web-2018-afo.m3u184 B
icon Sunset_Moments-Nothing_Lasts_Forever-WEB-2018-AFO/00-sunset_moments-nothing_lasts_forever-web-2018-afo.nfo8.5 KB
icon Sunset_Moments-Nothing_Lasts_Forever-WEB-2018-AFO/00-sunset_moments-nothing_lasts_forever-web-2018-afo.sfv224 B
icon Sunset_Moments-Nothing_Lasts_Forever-WEB-2018-AFO/01-sunset_moments-does_all_this_really_matter-afo.mp315.9 MB
icon Sunset_Moments-Nothing_Lasts_Forever-WEB-2018-AFO/02-sunset_moments-goodbye_my_friends-afo.mp317 MB
icon Sunset_Moments-Nothing_Lasts_Forever-WEB-2018-AFO/03-sunset_moments-i_will_never_forget_you-afo.mp318.3 MB
icon Sunset_Moments-Nothing_Lasts_Forever-WEB-2018-AFO/04-sunset_moments-im_sorry-afo.mp317.5 MB
icon Tim Iron - Prediction/1. Tim Iron - Prediction (Original Mix).mp315.1 MB
icon Tim Iron - Prediction/2. Tim Iron - Nebula (Original Mix).mp315 MB
icon Tim Iron - Prediction/3. Tim Iron - Fantasia (Original Mix).mp315.1 MB
icon Venetica - Sound Of Snow, Awakening/1. Venetica - Sound Of Snow (Original Mix).mp316.3 MB
icon Venetica - Sound Of Snow, Awakening/2. Venetica - Awakening (Original Mix).mp315.5 MB
icon Venetica - Sound Of Snow, Awakening/3. Venetica - Sound Of Snow (Instrumental Mix).mp316.2 MB
icon Venetica - Sound Of Snow, Awakening/4. Venetica - Awakening (Instrumental Mix).mp315.6 MB
icon Venetica - Sound Of Snow, Awakening/cover.jpg32.7 KB