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01. R-Jay - Why Got The Funk (Club Mix) 

02. CrazyBeats - Think About You (Club Mix) 

03. Dave Roberto - Tekky Beats (Club Mix) 

04. Gustavo Da Silva - Give It To Me (Original Mix) 

05. Hack Jack - I Don't Wanna (Dub Mix) 

06. Alvaro Mendez - Saturday Love (Original Mix) 

07. DJ Kristina Mailana - Standing On The Wall (VIP Mix) 

08. Marcelo Diaz - Dance and Ready (Original Mix) 

09. The Funky Choice - Dirty Minds (Instrumental Mix) 

10. LM Sound - Feel So Brain (Club Mix) 

11. Kevin Graham - House Music Is Life (Original Mix) 

12. De Fault - What Do I Do (Club Mix) 

13. CrazyBeats - Whats Wrong? (Club Mix) 

14. Recovery Mafia - Make Love (VIP Mix) 

15. Ben Cruz - One Day (Club Mix) 

16. Recovery Mafia - Feel Goog (Club Mix) 

17. The Funky Choice - Hideaway (Original Mix) 

18. Tommy Vega - One More (Club Mix) 

19. Recovery Mafia - Back Together (Original Mix) 

20. Peter Gabriels - Hold Down For Me (Instrumental Mix)

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icon 03-dave_roberto_-_tekky_beats_(club_mix)-zzzz.mp310.9 MB
icon 04-gustavo_da_silva_-_give_it_to_me_(original_mix)-zzzz.mp39.5 MB
icon 05-hack_jack_-_i_dont_wanna_(dub_mix)-zzzz.mp311.3 MB
icon 06-alvaro_mendez_-_saturday_love_(original_mix)-zzzz.mp310.9 MB
icon 07-dj_kristina_mailana_-_standing_on_the_wall_(vip_mix)-zzzz.mp311.4 MB
icon 08-marcelo_diaz_-_dance_and_ready_(original_mix)-zzzz.mp310.3 MB
icon 09-the_funky_choice_-_dirty_minds_(instrumental_mix)-zzzz.mp311.4 MB
icon 10-lm_sound_-_feel_so_brain_(club_mix)-zzzz.mp310.3 MB
icon 11-kevin_graham_-_house_music_is_life_(original_mix)-zzzz.mp311.6 MB
icon 12-de_fault_-_what_do_i_do_(club_mix)-zzzz.mp310.5 MB
icon 13-crazybeats_-_whats_wrong_(club_mix)-zzzz.mp312 MB
icon 14-recovery_mafia_-_make_love_(vip_mix)-zzzz.mp311.7 MB
icon 15-ben_cruz_-_one_day_(club_mix)-zzzz.mp310.3 MB
icon 16-recovery_mafia_-_feel_goog_(club_mix)-zzzz.mp313.6 MB
icon 17-the_funky_choice_-_hideaway_(original_mix)-zzzz.mp310.4 MB
icon 18-tommy_vega_-_one_more_(club_mix)-zzzz.mp311.6 MB
icon 19-recovery_mafia_-_back_together_(original_mix)-zzzz.mp313.8 MB
icon 20-peter_gabriels_-_hold_down_for_me_(instrumental_mix)-zzzz.mp310.5 MB
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