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VA_Power Ballads–Gold_2005
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icon disc-1/01 - Styx - Lady.flac20 MB
icon disc-1/02 - Bad Company - Feel Like Makin' Love.flac35.3 MB
icon disc-1/03 - Nazareth - Love Hurts.flac25.8 MB
icon disc-1/04 - Kiss - Beth.flac16.3 MB
icon disc-1/05 - Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love Is.flac32.9 MB
icon disc-1/06 - Night Ranger - Goodbye.flac30 MB
icon disc-1/07 - Boston - Amanda.flac29.2 MB
icon disc-1/08 - Europe - Carrie.flac30.4 MB
icon disc-1/09 - Whitesnake - Is This Love.flac32.3 MB
icon disc-1/10 - Stryper - Honestly.flac28.3 MB
icon disc-1/11 - Great White - Save Your Love.flac36.4 MB
icon disc-1/12 - Kingdom Come - What Love Can Be.flac33.3 MB
icon disc-1/13 - Cinderella - Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone).flac40.5 MB
icon disc-1/14 - Poison - Every Rose Has It's Thorn.flac28.9 MB
icon disc-1/15 - White Lion - When The Children Cry.flac26.7 MB
icon disc-1/Folder.auCDtect.txt6.5 KB
icon disc-1/Power Ballads Gold (Disk 1).cue2.3 KB
icon disc-1/Various - Power Ballads Gold (Disk 1).log13.8 KB
icon disc-1/Various - Power Ballads Gold (Disk 1).m3u1.2 KB
icon disc-1/booklet.jpeg172.5 KB
icon disc-2/01 - Winger - Headed For A Heartbreak.flac37.4 MB
icon disc-2/02 - Warrant - Heaven.flac27.5 MB
icon disc-2/03 - Kix - Don't Close Your Eyes.flac29.1 MB
icon disc-2/04 - Bad English - When I See You Smile.flac30.2 MB
icon disc-2/05 - Tesla - Love Song.flac34 MB
icon disc-2/06 - Skid Row - I Remember You.flac36.1 MB
icon disc-2/07 - L.A. Guns - The Ballad Of Jayne.flac32.5 MB
icon disc-2/08 - Slaughter - Fly To The Angels.flac38.9 MB
icon disc-2/09 - Damn Yankees - High Enough.flac33.2 MB
icon disc-2/10 - Queensryche - Silent Lucidity.flac38.6 MB
icon disc-2/11 - Extreme - More Than Words.flac30.9 MB
icon disc-2/12 - Firehouse - Love Of A Lifetime.flac35.8 MB
icon disc-2/13 - Nelson - Only Time Will Tell.flac36.6 MB
icon disc-2/14 - Saigon Kick - Love Is On The Way.flac29.2 MB
icon disc-2/15 - Meat Loaf - I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That).flac44.4 MB
icon disc-2/Folder.auCDtect.txt6.6 KB
icon disc-2/Power Ballads Gold (Disc 2).cue2.5 KB
icon disc-2/Various - Power Ballads Gold (Disc 2).log14.8 KB
icon disc-2/Various - Power Ballads Gold (Disc 2).m3u1.2 KB